Awards and Grants

XRPL Grants

We are proud to be Wave 2 and Wave 3 Grant Recipients from XRPL Grants for development of our Xumm xApp ‘Give XRP’ in the ‘Social Impact’ and ‘NFT’ categories. The XRPL Grants program was founded in May 2021 to support and encourage the development of new software projects on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and help foster the growing XRPL developer community.

You can learn more about XRPL Grants and view other recipients at

Finastra ‘Hack to the Future’ 4

In their fourth hackathon, Finastra has given our xApp ‘Give XRP’ the award for ‘Best Environmental, Social, and Governance’ (ESG) from over one thousand submission. Judges highlighted the xApp’s ability to deliver fast, simple, secure donations, enabling crypto users to make tax-deductible donations. Finastra aims to fund a fintech movement igniting a world of financial sustainability, inclusion, and empowerment.


You can learn more about Finastra’s ‘Hack to the Future’ program and view other winners at

XRPL Hackathon: Creating Real World Impact

CFCE partnered with Whirled Labs for the XRPL Hackathon focused on creating apps to improve lives in the real world using any of the SDKs and APIs for the XRP Ledger. We won the third place prize for our integration with the open-source NFT ecosystem BetterMint. This provides our xApp GiveXRP with NFT functionality for nonprofits and donors, automating the minting & distribution of NFT certificates that represent charitable donations.


You can learn more about XRPL’s Hackathon: Creating Real World Impact and view other winners at

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