About Us

The Center for Collaborative Economics (CFCE) is connecting nonprofits and donors through decentralized finance, creating a cooperatively controlled hub for anyone worldwide to collaborate with others to help build a sustainable society: collectively fund a school, preserve an acreage of rainforest, fund a peer-reviewed study, or the construction of a road in a remote area.

In addition to utilizing NFTs as receipts of tax-deductible donations to non-profits, CFCE’s platform leverages the potential of NFT technology to track real-world impact and enable participation in innovative decentralized finance products. 

CFCE Founder Evan Hudson presenting at Apex XRPL Developer Summit

Founder: Evan Hudson

Evan has a background in nonprofit management and education, and is an active community leader. Drawing on his passion for mutually beneficial regenerative finances, as well as his interest in decentralized solutions, he started the Center for Collaborative Economics to bring modern solutions to systemic problems.

Lead Development: Julian Kingman

Julian is a React Native Developer with experience in wireframing and UX, front-end development, back-end development. He is proficient in numerous languages and technologies, including: Meteor.js, Cordova, jQuery, CSS3, LESS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, Docker, and more.

Communications: William Mekemson

William is a community organizer and communications specialist, as well as an advocate for decentralized and sustainable solutions. He helps bridge communication gaps through social media outreach, website design, grant writing, and partnership growth.

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